Hello, I'm Kerwin Day and I'm your experienced flight instructor.

I've been flying since 1966 and have been teaching since 1978. It's what I love and it's all that I do.  This love of teaching is an important consideration to look for as you select your instructor.  Many instructors at the larger flight academies are there to build just enough hours to move on to the next rating and a job at one of the airlines.  This can mean changing to a new instructor while you are in the middle of your training - not something too conducive to the learning experience.

Please call or email me for more details on how I can tailor a personal flight
training course to your schedule and needs.  You may want to check out some
Fun Places to Fly to once you are a pilot.  You can also want to visit Cessna's
Cirrus's website to see some of the planes in which I commonly fly and
train students.   

After becoming a pilot, I always encourage my students to become involved in
one, or both, of the following great organizations.

Civil Air Patrol -
http://gawg.cap.gov/ - I was an active member from 1980-2000.

Angel Flight -
http://www.angelflight-ga.org/ - I have been active in flying
missions for Angel Flight since 2001.


I have over 20,600 hours total time and over 16,000 hours dual (with a student)

All ratings through ATP
CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
CFII - Certified Flight Instrument Instructor
MEI - Multi-Engine Instructor
A&IGI - Advanced & Instrument Ground Instructor
ATP - Airline Transport Pilot

Cessna 172
Here I am standing next to one of our
safe and well maintained training aircraft.
Contact Information:
Email :

Mobile: (770) 634-9301

Breaking news:

Kerwin Day named Ambassador to the Angels for
his work with Angel Flight.

Some of my favorite links:
http://www.skybnd.com (Great Flight School)
http://www.wingspdk.com (Pilot's Store)

Good links for students and pilots:
http://www.pdkairport.org (PDK Airport)
http://www.duats.com (To file flight plans)
http://www.intellicast.com (Check weather)
http://www.airnav.com (Airport resource)
http://www.trade-a-plane.com (Classifieds)
https://www.1800wxbrief.com (FAA Weather and Flight Plan Filing)
http://www.faasafety.gov/WINGS/pub/learn_more.aspx (FAA WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program)
http://www.aerialinnovationsofga.com/ (Aerial Photography)
Kerwin Day - K&M Aero Services, Inc.
Kerwin Day